My Awesome Christmas Present

I have been contemplating making a post about my Christmas present from my boyfriend. I really wanted too because I love to write and I want to share my experiences, on the other hand it is somewhat embarrassing. After much deliberation, I decided to make a post and share my gift with everyone that wants to read my blog.

On Christmas eve I spent the night at my boyfriend’s house. He was going to his parent’s Christmas day and I was going to spend the day with my family. We decided that we would have a small Christmas for us two the night before. He made a roast chicken and after dinner we decided to have a couple of drinks. The topic of gifts came up and he insisted that he should give me my gift that night. I was excited because he always gets me awesome gifts, so we agreed to exchange gifts that night.

He walked into his room and told me to stay in the living room. After several minutes he called me into his room and to my surprise there was a big box that was about 1 meter cubed. Thoughts of what it could be rushed through my mind, I had absolutely no clue and he told me to open it. I started to rip off the wrapping paper and there it was…

As I first glanced at it, I wasn’t too sure of what it was, my boyfriend looked apprehensive and I asked “what is it?” and he replied “It’s a Caesar”. This response didn’t ease my confusion; I opened the box and out came a large metal frame. As I saw the attachments, I knew exactly what it was, it was a sex machine.

The instant that I realised what it was, I got extremely excited. I hugged my friend and gave him a kiss “I love it” I said to him. He smiled and suggested that I take a ride straight away. I was not going to disagree with his suggestion as a good pounding was in need. We started with some foreplay and when the mood was right, I laid down on the bed as he setup the machine, positioning it for a good old pussy pounding.

The sex machine that he got me is called a Caesar 3.0 Love Machine and its AWESOME! I love using my Caesar and despite the traditional purpose of the machine, my boyfriend enjoys using it with me as well. I am convinced that one of the reasons he got it for me is that it comes with a male masturbator sleeve. You attach it to the arm of the sex machine, where the dildo would usually go. He sits of the bed with his legs over the edge and the sex machine masturbates him with the sleeve.

The reason I wanted to share this is because I know of a few people that have considered getting a love machine. The common question is “does it fuck you too hard?” in my opinion, there is no such thing as ‘too hard’ but you can turn the settings down with the remote control. I would recommend the Caesar love machine to anyone with the spare cash, or even as a gift for your loved one.